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The biggest reward is hearing how Project Discover Me makes an impact on a girl's journey to self-discovery. Here is what some of the girls, a parent and a professional had to say:

The Girls:

Name: Zimorrah

Age: 15

Grade: 11th

Question 1: Do you think this game is needed?

Answer: "Yes, because it helps girls with self-love and a lot of girls my age struggle with that."

Question 2: What was your favorite card and why? 

Answer: "My favorite card is the Celebration card. It made me feel like I should celebrate myself even if nobody else does."

Question 3: What did you discover about yourself?

Answer: "I have grown more than I thought."

Name: Leyah

Age: 18

Grade: College Freshman

Question 1: Do you think Project Discover Me can help build your self-worth and why?

Answer: "Yes, I believe PDM can help build my self-worth because it inspires me to be thoughtful, open minded and to have boundaries."

Question 2: What was your favorite card? 

Answer: "My favorite card was the self-image one because it really made me focus and tune in on how I really view myself, it reminds me that beauty is within the beholder."

Question 3: What did you discover about yourself?

Answer: "I discovered that I am my biggest critic and that it's ok not to be ok."

Name: Aubrey

Age: 16

Grade: 12th

Question 1: How did you feel when playing the game?

Answer: "I felt relieved."

Question 2: What was your favorite card?

Answer: "My favorite card topic was the Mental Note one, more specifically the Do you need help but you're afraid to ask? card and my other top 2 are the Do you have anxiety, feel alone, depressed or sad? card and the It's okay not to be okay card."

Question 3: What did you discover about yourself?

Answer: "I discovered I'm not alone and that it's okay to feel what I'm feeling and not to hide but to express it." 

The Parent:

Both of my girls played Project Discover Me, one preferred to play alone and the other played with me. Afterwards we all talked about how we felt. This was a very thought-out game that created a conversation that was deeper than our usual talks. It was great to see them open up. And it was cool for the daughter I played with see me open up as well. I would definitely recommend.


Elite Hair Studio


The Professional:

If you're ready to take your self love and self care practice to the next level, this card game is it! First off, the box is adorable. I LOVE the colors, so warm and vibrant. Super inviting, so my energy shifted instantly and I felt a sense of healing just opening it. It's a very pretty box. 


The game was simple to learn and the instructions were very easy to follow. I really liked identifying my four core values. It gave me a nice sense of direction emotionally, which was very helpful. Being a highly sensitive soul who feels literally everything, having what feels like a map to guide me through a sea of emotions is the perfect starting point on a journey of self-discovery.  I felt a sense of direction. I definitely discovered things about myself that I didn't know before. It was eye opening. A few questions brought up some sadness for me and it helped to identify what I needed in that moment to comfort myself by matching the question with a specific core value. I learned areas where I am loving, trusting, being, and celebrating myself, and also uncovered where I was not. I was able to show myself more compassion there with this game, while gaining a new level of self awareness.


Angel is amazing for creating this beautiful self empowerment tool for young girls. I'm 44 years old and just now learning these tools, so I love the idea of starting this journey early on. I can't think of a better way to get to know yourself and work through your feelings than this! It was engaging, informative, and it really made me think about myself on a much deeper level. I feel more connected and closer to myself each time I play!"

Tiffany West

Emotional Care Life Coach

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