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How to Play


ME time or WE time. Take this journey by yourself or with up to 3 friends. You decide how long your journey will be.


Open heart, open mind, honesty, love and understanding.


16 Core Value Cards

25 Thought Cards

26 Today I ... Cards

145 Discovery Cards


Each player takes a set of core cards (LOVE ME * TRUST ME * BE ME * CELEBRATE ME) and places in a row in front of them. Set aside the Today I... journal prompts and use whenever you feel like journaling; set aside the Thoughts cards to journal your thoughts at the end of your journey. The remaining cards are the Journey cards.


Shuffle the Journey cards and place in a pile or split in two. Each player will take turns drawing a card and reading out loud. Reflect on the question and answer with deep thought.

Ask yourself how do I feel about this question?  What is this question trying to tell me? How can my answers and discoveries better help me understand myself? How can I grow from here? Can I dig deeper? How can I become more aware of who I am and how I feel? How can I love and honor myself?

After you answer the question, think about how your answer connects to one of the core cards (loving, trusting, being and celebrating YOU) and place the card underneath the chosen core card. If you are playing with others share your reasons or thoughts to why you placed it underneath that card and ask them to share their thoughts in your discovery. Have fun sharing who you are and how you feel. Continue taking turns drawing cards and repeat for as long as the journey continues. The journey can be paused, ended, or restarted.


Once you have gone through the journey, look at your cards and where they are placed. Ask yourself how can you love, trust, be and celebrate who you are based on your findings. 

Take one of the Thoughts cards and write down how you feel and what you discovered about yourself. Celebrate and be empowered for getting to know who you are.

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