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Project Discover Me is a Self-love game for girls ages 13 and up. It is an empowerment tool created to inspire self-worth with powerful questions and conversations.


The discovery is based on 4 core values:




What makes it so special is that it requires you to dig deeper and connect your answer, feeling or thought to one of the core cards; guiding them to love, trust, be and celebrate who they are.


The journey includes 212 beautiful conversation cards that are a blend of affirmations, journal prompts and reflective questions that touch on self-love, body image, social media, mental health and more.


Catergories include:


Core Cards


Selfie Edition


Body Thoughts


What kind of Social Butterfly are you?


Rated S


Mental Note


Assorted Discovery Cards




Thoughts cards: To be used after your journey to reflect on what you discovered about your self.


Today I ... : Seperate journal prompts to be used for journaling.


The journey can be played alone or with up to 3 others.


It can also be used in a variety of group settings  such as youth groups and leadership groups.



Love what you find inside!






Project Discover Me

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  • Self love game for girls. Empowerment tool to help increase self confidence, boost self esteem and help girls realize their self worth.

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